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Aeration & Over Seeding

When it comes to a healthy lawn, there is no better way to achieve that than with aeration. Aeration is the process of perforating the lawn with small cores to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots for a thicker, healthier lawn. Once the aeration process is complete, it is best coupled with over seeding to allow new grass seed to go directly to the soil and germinate quickly to grow a lush, thicker lawn.


Many experts believe that aerating your lawn is the single most important step that you can take to ensuring your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. We recommend that you aerate your lawn every other year at most. If your lawn has severe compaction, it could also benefit from aeration to loosen up the soil and allow it to breathe. While you can definitely aerate in either Spring or Fall, we have found the best results coming from aerating in the Fall.


That is why we only offer this service in the early Fall. 

Not sure if your lawn could benefit from aeration? Give us a call for our no obligation free estimate today.

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