Weed Control & Fertilization

Do you envision a beautiful, lush, green lawn but have unsightly weeds? Are your neighbors' weeds taking over your lawn and you find it difficult to keep up with them? We can help!

With our 5 step weed control & fertilization program, we can help eradicate those unsightly weeds that are keeping you from the lawn of your dreams. We use high grade, professional products that are not only effective but environmentally friendly as well. We believe that being good stewards of the earth is everyone's responsibility and we contribute to that by using nothing but the best products on the market today, purchased from local companies.

Early Spring Application  


Pre-emergent crabgrass preventer and fertilizer to jump start your lawn for Spring growth

Late Spring Application  


Broadleaf weed control application to control dandelions

Mid-Summer Fertilizer

Fertilizer application to encourage strong growth through the summer

Late Summer Application

Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control application to help recover from summer heat stress

Fall Winterizer Application

Fall fertilizer and winterizer application to assist your lawn through the difficult winter months

We currently service the following cities:

Buffalo, Monticello, Big Lake, Becker, Clearwater, Saint Michael, Albertville, Otsego, Maple Lake, Annandale, Cokato, Howard Lake, Waverly and Montrose


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