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Wet grass


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  • What height do you cut the lawn?
    Generally, our cutting height is 3" and higher. We will make seasonal adjustments in the Spring and Fall.
  • What is the frequency of service?
    We service properties on a weekly basis and do not offer any other schedule.
  • What is included in our weekly service?
    Depending upon which package you signed up for, our minimum service will be to mow the lawn, trim around all landscaping, hardscapes, driveway, sidewalks and then blow all of the grass clippings off all hard surfaces for a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Do you bag grass clippings?
    We do not bag grass clippings during the lawn care season. If the lawn has excessive clippings after a service, we will blow the bunches of grass clippings around the lawn to prevent the turf from getting fungal issues and to maintain a neat & tidy appearance. We do bag clippings and leaf debris in the process of our Spring and Fall clean up service.
  • Will your mower fit through our gate?
    All of our mowers have a deck width of 52" and higher, making it almost impossible to get through most residential gates. If you're not sure if we can fit through your gate, simply give us a call at 612-387-8306 and we can set up a time to come & look at your property.
  • When does the mowing season begin or finish?
    Our typical mowing season can begin as early as April and will usually end around November. For all purposes, we usually predict 28 weeks of mowing per season.
  • What do I need to do before our weekly service?
    We kindly ask all customers to pick up any pet waste, toys, outdoor furniture and other items in the service area before your scheduled service so that we can get right to work taking great care of your property.
  • Do you apply a liquid or granular application?
    Both when necessary. Most of our applications will include a granular fertilizer coupled with a seasonal herbicide as well as micronutrients to enhance the health of the turf. During the hot summer months, it is actually ineffective and unnecessary to apply products & prevent "burn out" damage to the turf. Our products are intended for optimal temperatures of 85 degrees and below.
  • Are the applications safe for my kids and pets?
    All of our products are EPA tested and regulated to be kid and pet friendly. We do ask that you wait at least 3 hours or until the product is dry. Once the product is dry, you can easily resume your normal activities in the lawn. A sign with instructions will be placed in your lawn after the application is completed.
  • How many rounds are in the Healthy Turf fertilizing program?
    We offer a 5 round Healthy Turf Program that focuses on the health of the turf. We only use the highest grade products to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn.
  • Can I mow after an application?
    We recommend that you wait at least 24 hours after an application before mowing your lawn. For recommended cutting heights, feel free to give us a call.
  • Do you offer free service calls for fertilizing and weed control?
    We sure do! If you feel that an application was ineffective or your lawn is not performing as it should, we ask that you wait at least 15 days after an application before calling us for return service. If necessary, we will return to the property and reapply the application.
  • How many applications include weed control?
    All of our application will include a herbicide to eradicate unwanted weeds. In an effort to maintain our high standards, we only choose the best products to suppress weeds in the lawn while also acting as good stewards of the earth. *if the temperatures are above 85 degrees or if inclement weather is imminent, we cannot spray*
  • How long do you wait between applications?
    For best results, our applications are typically 4-6 weeks apart. This is also dependent upon weather and turf conditions. Schedules may vary.
  • Do you service my area?
    Snow plowing is not offered in all areas, please click on the button below to see if your property is in our service area.
  • Can I buy ice melt?
    Absolutely you can! We do have 50 lb. bags of ice melt for purchase. If you need ice melt during an event, please contact our office for pricing & delivery options.
  • Do you salt my driveway afterwards?
    We do not apply salt to driveways or sidewalks unless requested. There is an additional fee for this service.
  • How much does it cost?
    Prices vary depending upon the size of the driveway, whether we are shoveling sidewalks or the homeowner is and the amount of snow received.
  • Do you use a plow or a snow blower to service the driveway?
    We use a truck mounted snow plow to service your property. We do not offer driveway clearing using snow blowers.
  • When will you plow my driveway?
    We offer a 24 service guarantee! This simply means that we will service your driveway within 24 hours after the storm is finished and there is more than 1" or more of snow. *For commercial customers, we offer around the clock service during snow events.*

Still have questions? Simply email us your questions and we will do our best to assist you.

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