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Spring Turf Clean Up

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year and also the most essential time for your lawn. Minnesota winters can take a toll on your lawn and Spring is the best time to get your lawn ready for the summer season ahead.

Our Spring Clean Up process will get your lawn ready for the growing season and give it the head start it needs to flourish all season long. Here's what we do:

  • Dethatching - Dethatching is a process that involves removing the top layer of dead grass that is keeping your lawn from receiving the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. By removing the thatch from the lawn, it creates an optimal growing environment for the grass roots to grow deep and strong, thus giving you a heathier, more lush looking lawn

  • Clean Up and Haul Away - Once we have completely dethatched the entire lawn, we simply clean up the dead grass and haul it away. This leaves the lawn looking clean and ready to grow

Are you ready to give your lawn the love it needs?

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