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Terms and Conditions

Healthy Turf Program Terms & Conditions


E&M Outdoor Services is committed to providing the highest quality service. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of any treatment simply notify us within 15 days of the application date and we will perform a service call at no extra cost to you. We offer a free application (if needed) but do not refund an application price. E&M Outdoor Services makes no warranty, express or implied, about the safety of our products used for the control of weeds, insects, diseases, or fertilizers which may be used. All control products used by E&M Outdoor Services are E.P.A. registered, have passed extensive product testing and are applied according to label directions following all federal and state laws by state certified and trained technicians employed by E&M Outdoor Services. Please follow our lawn management recommendations and give the program a reasonable period of time to produce results. Having done so, and based on continuous non-interrupted service on one of the E&M Outdoor Services programs, E&M Outdoor Services promises you will see substantial weed reduction, healthy lawn color (except under drought conditions or improper water coverage from irrigation systems). Then, if you’re not completely satisfied, call us within fifteen (15) days of the last treatment and we will work with you until you are satisfied at no additional cost.


Procedures, materials, rates of application and timing of applications will be determined solely by E&M Outdoor Services.  E&M Outdoor Services agrees to furnish labor and materials and is authorized by you to treat the property at the address shown on the service agreement.


E&M Outdoor Services reserves the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the agreement if you fail to make payment when due. A late service fee of $30.00 will be charged on any balance unpaid over thirty (30) days. A service charge of $35.00 will be charged for any returned check. Refunds are computed by subtracting the regular price of any completed services from the original prepay amount, less a $35.00 processing fee. No refunds are given for cancellations after the Round 2 application. E&M Outdoor Services may elect to impose a surcharge to your account due to uncontrollable cost increases from fertilizer or fuel.  If you are a new customer and receive the first application for free and cancel before all applications are completed, you will be charged for the first application.


Promotional Discounts are based upon the customer signing up for a full program and taking all remaining program applications that the discounts are originally based upon. Customers that cancel before receiving all services will be charged the full value of these discounts.


The agreement will remain in force for the period of 7 months, generally starting in April to November and will auto-renew each year. You will receive service information and pricing changes in January, February or March of each year, along with any program changes or price increases, asking if you would like to continue service. The agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party by written notice, for any reason; payment for all work provided prior to cancellation will be immediately due. Once this Agreement is canceled by you, E&M Outdoor Services has no further service liabilities under the terms of the warranty or agreement.


E&M Outdoor Services is responsible for scheduling your lawn for timely treatment. Treatments are generally made at (approximately four to seven week) intervals for lawn or tree and shrub care. Timing of services is based upon the weather, property location and the plant care needs. E&M Outdoor Services assumes sole discretion over timing and scheduling of services. All services are route based and scheduled as so.


These regularly scheduled programs can be modified depending upon the weather and the conditions of your lawn. The success of this program depends on proper watering, mowing, and cultural practices. If you need assistance, please call our office. Our technicians are trained to watch the weather and rain percentages before each application to determine if best practice is to perform the application or to reschedule. We only use the highest grade commercial chemicals which are rainfast within 3 hours of application. If it rains after treatment, please wait 7 days before scheduling a respray.


E&M Outdoor Services is committed to working with you to achieve expected results. If an issue arises or you believe that a treatment was ineffective, call our office at (612) 387-8306. We will address your concerns at the time of your next regularly scheduled treatment, or if necessary, provide a service call to your property. E&M Outdoor Services cannot guarantee 100% weed control with any single chemical application. As results over time are a function of continuous non-interrupted service, any service calls requested by you and performed by E&M Outdoor Services during the time of a skipped treatment will be billed at the treatment cost. Additionally, service calls will only be honored for 15 days after the previous application in any instance where the next regular application is not scheduled. Customers with less than four applications per program (Plan 2 or higher) are not eligible for service calls or free applications. Customers with an unpaid balance over thirty (30) days old will not receive a free service call. It will normally take a period of time and multiple treatments for best results to be attained. Continuous treatments then provide for proper maintenance of your property. Your lawn’s response will depend on the condition of your property prior to our beginning, the type of grasses, trees, and shrubs, and whether the lawn is mowed and watered properly. After that, continuous E&M care will protect your property from seasonal pest problems and provide proper nutrition.

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